Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Surprise for lunch

Another view of our new and last classroom display. ( Book Train)
Alternative book cover for The Bush Bandits
Bush Bandits movie proposal.
Display for our current unit.
We will be finished in 2 weeks and I'll finish up the term with an author study of Alexandre Dumas.( I've started work on that and picked up a copy of The Man in the Iron Mask to read over the weekend.
Working on their paper mâché projects.
My daughter doesn't start Uni for another fortnight so she drove up to work today with some lunch for me ( a cold drink and a yummy turkey and salad roll.)
 One of the annoying aspect of teaching alone is that I can't nip out for something nice for lunch so it was great to have it brought to me!

A university education can change lives.

That's why its important to ensure access to quality tertiary education for every Australian.

In part, due to the incompetence of the previous education minister and pressure from teachers and students there has been a delay in the government's plans for $100,000 degrees. But now they're at it again in Parliament and access to a university education for all is once again under threat.

Simply put, The Abbott/Turnbull government wants every student to pay over $100,000 for a uni degree. So it is important to stand up and continue the fight for fair access to tertiary education for all especially those who can least afford it and rural students ( often one in the same!)

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