Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sample mini Roman shield

Cut out a shield shaped piece of cardboard.
( You can make this full size if you like)
Use the cardboard as a stencil to cut out red paper for the background of the shield.
Glue it on.
Cut out gold card the same size as your shield.
Cut out the inside of it and glue the border you have made around the edge of your shield. The section inside can be put to use.
Fold it in half and draw your design for the inside of your shield ( an impromptu symmetry lesson?) The symbols varied but usually included lightning bolts and wings.)
Cut it out and open it up.
Stick it on.
Add a bronze or bold split pin as the boss.
Cut a strip of leather and glue it onto the back using craft or PVA glue.
Finished shield.

My grade 3 boy painting a plastic ship model. ( the Cutty Sark. I couldn't find a 16th century trading vessel like Robinson Crusoe had)
Grade 5 watching documentaries about the Romans.

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