Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Bye bye budgie smugglers!

Our Prime Minister was sacked by his 'friends' last night. Nothing will change even though his replacement looks like Thurston Howell III. They won't restore the $80 billion they've removed from public health and education. Not much love lost at Abbott's churlish departure. You'll get that impression from the images below.

I wish you could buy this mug!

Rumours about the future of Minister Pyne. Apparently he is to be 'promoted' out of education. That will be good news but probably won't make any difference. Below is a review of his less than stellar effort as education minister. 
Christopher Pyne has been a high achiever. Recently he announced changes to the Australian Curriculum which promise a greater emphasis on phonics, as well as a greater emphasis on the benefits of Western civilization and Anzac Day. I'm shore u'll awl agree that fonnix helps stewdents to evareethink crektly. Wuns thay spell werds as they sownd, then nowun will complain about bad spelling eny moor. But Pyne has been an achiever from the moment he took over the portfolio proudly boasting that he hadn't read the Gonski report, giving confidence to all those students who attempt essays without reading their English texts.

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