Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The saddest bookworm in the world

More horror stories from Geelong Grammar

Private school Geelong Grammar expelled a student after he reported an assault by a staff member, the child sexual abuse royal commission has heard.

The witness, known as BIW, told the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse in 1989 he awoke one night in the boarding house to find a man fondling his genitals.

It is now known the man was boarding house assistant Philippe Trutmann, who was eventually convicted of sexually abusing 41 Geelong Grammar students in the 1980s and 1990s.

BIW told the Commission: "I was made to sit in a private office for about six hours until my mother collected me.

"I was told by the vice-principal that I had broken our agreement and that I was in serious trouble."

He said his mother picked him up from the office, and was told he had been expelled from the school.

BIW told the commission his abuse, which had not been reported to the police, has had long-lasting effects.

"At times, I feel I minimise the abuse I suffered at Geelong because I feel there are other children there who suffered more than I did," he said.

"I felt terrible guilt that I had left other children at school at the hands of a sex offender."

When asked about financial liability: "In each case, we felt that an equitable solution was reached," A campus head said in a fax the school should "be sensitive, caring, helpful, etc. and offer to do whatever we can to help". "We should do it quickly with lots of 'concern and clucking'," she added.But she also said the school should not make any admission of liability.

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