Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Possum Magic

I got to school early and made a cup of coffee this morning and I heard this commotion of the roof. I went out to have a look around and I saw a little possum sitting on the railing in front of the toilets. I took a few ( bad ) photos but when I moved closer it ran off ( I think into the old shelter shed) I took some photos ( I graduated from the Loch Ness Monster school of photography- grainy and blurry) but you'll have to use your imagination a bit.
The grade 6 kids created projects on orang-utans ( From Murders in the Rue Morgue) and police reports on the crimes. I started The Picture of Dorian Gray today. Grade 2 and 3 are working on their Paddingtons which are looking forlornly out of our windows.

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