Tuesday, 12 May 2015

First day of NAPLAN

We've had some miserable weather this week and more to come.( Only 10 degrees tomorrow!) Early winter by the looks of it. We started NAPLAN today. I looked through their Language Conventions test and they did well. The writing test was a persuasive text and they also did well on that but we'll have to wait ( patiently) to see what the external assessors think.( refer to the story from the Age ) Tomorrow we will do the reading test and Maths on Thursday.
Below- In between tests the grade 5s worked on their maps of Jurassic Park. ( First they sketched what they thought it looked like from our reading of the book, then they compared that to a map in the book we read and to maps ( fan art) online. Also a  photo of some fighting cows that were kicking up a big noise this afternoon.

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