Saturday, 2 May 2015

Booktown Review

I was a bit disappointed with Booktown this year. The crowds seemed a bit smaller than last year and there seemed to be fewer sellers. The weather was great and there were more food sellers than last year. Other than the permanent book shops in town everyone else just comes for the weekend and they just dump their books in boxes and on tables (It's as if an old library vomited on Clunes) so the books are not even sorted into categories let alone alphabetical order so it's very hard to find what you want.
There is one trader who sells some great old and rare children's books but they charge like wounded bulls. As much as I love books, some of them nobody will ever read again. I hate saying it but they should be pulped.
Some of the buildings also leave a lot to be desired ( either quaint or derelict depending on your point of view. I provided some photos) I didn't find many books I could use.I bought some old newspapers I can use in class, some old Golden Books and some books for my daughter ( art and photography) As I said the weather was great and the town looked good but I won't get my hopes up too high next year.( My visit to Castlemaine was more productive) They also raised the entry fee from $5 to $10.

Great sculptures made from old books by Fed Uni students.

Ye olde Clunes

The Town Hall

Old bank turned into a bookshop and views of town.

I also got a signed copy of Caravan Fran by the author Cheryl Orsini.

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