Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Pyne on the nose in SA

Our Prime Minister is playing duplicitous games with Victorian infrastructure money and the Education Minister has said that the Premier of South Australia and his Treasurer are acting like a bikie gang!

S.A. Premier Jay Weatherill said he "made no apologies" for standing up for SA, and if that had caused "hurt feelings" among the Liberals, "so be it". He responded to Mr Pyne's comments by saying the Education Minister's federal seat of Sturt would be targeted by the State Government. "Here's how it works," Mr Weatherill said. "We're going to target Christopher Pyne in the next Federal Election and we're going to take his seat off him”. "And we're going to target every other one of those Liberal marginal seat MPs, because they have been pathetic in standing up and fighting for SA. "That will concentrate their minds and they might find their voice. All of a sudden you might start to see a few things happen here in SA. It is starting to feel a bit like they’re leaning towards a very early election.

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