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James Patterson interview

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Interesting story from The Daily Mail about A new book by photographer James Mollison about playgrounds in schools. He found inspiration for his new book, Playground, from his own memories of the 'bullying, laughing, tears, teasing' and fun he experienced as a child during the classroom breaks.

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Facinating  story from Radio National about Best selling Australian authorJames Patterson about his unique writing process and his investment in enabling children to access books. (Extract and link below)

He ( Patterson) still values the role of community bookshops, though. 
'We need stores out in the community. We just do,' he says.
That's part of the reason he's putting up his own money to fund $100,000 worth of grants to book stores in Australia and New Zealand.
Successful applicants will receive between $500 and $5,000, but they must have a dedicated children's section. That fact provides a hint at Patterson's even bigger passion: improving child literacy.
'We really need to get kids reading. For kids that are bright and pretty good readers, we need them to read more broadly,' he says. 
'Our society needs them, our culture needs them. I think they become better spouses, friends, and do more for society.
'When you read about a lot of the great scientists, what turned them on initially? Science-fiction—that's when they started going, "Oh there's a lot of cool stuff I could be inventing or thinking about."'
Patterson himself is currently kept busy raising three children of his own. 
He and his wife gave their son Jack an ultimatum at age eight; read every day of your summer holiday, or sleep in the garage. 
'That's not tough love,' insists Patterson.
'When Mum and Dad put food on the table, that's love. 
'When Mum and Dad put books on the table, that's not tough love. That's love.'

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