Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Asbestos removal

The new state government promised to remove all asbestos from Government schools in the last election. Last week's state budget included $42 million for Labor's $100 million asbestos-removal plan, and $35 million for 120 new portable classrooms. A statewide audit will be completed by June next year, and will allow the department to provide an estimate of the cost of removing asbestos in government schools. ( It is estimated that it will take more than $100 million to remove our asbestos)

It has also recently been revealed that;

- there will be no public document revealing how much money every Victorian school receives under the Gonski school-funding agreement. But individual schools will still be provided with a break down of Gonski money in their budgets.

- disadvantaged families will begin to receive payments from the camps, sports and excursions fund from the middle of this year.

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