Saturday, 30 May 2015

New display

Today I changed displays from The Fall of the House of Usher to Jewel of the Seven Stars. I also started work on our Winter Glen Park Gazette which is a four page community newsletter I've been preparing twice a year ( sometimes more often) for the 250 odd households in our local area. Our local post person delivers them for us and I deliver another 100 or so to new houses probably during the holidays. I'll start putting it up on the school's website this year. It includes stories about the school and what we are doing, community news, community announcements and positive stories about state education.I've finished most of it but I'll see if any parents want stories or advertisements added to it. 

This afternoon I'll complete my unit for The Jewel of the Seven Stars and when I finish reading The Turn of the Screw this weekend ( It is only a short novel and shouldn't take long) I'll add that to my gothic horror unit. ( I think The Woman in Black might be too scary for them but I do have a unit for it on TPT which has sold well. I'm patiently waiting for Woman in Black 2 to get released in Australia!) 

The Royal Commission into child sexual abuse finished up in Ballarat yesterday. It will be back and will hopefully be able to cross- examine Cardinal Pell. The IBAC inquiry plods along. Soon they will start looking into the Ultranet disaster. How many more heads will roll? The Fiskville inquiry should also reconvene soon. 
I wrote to the Regional Director about my concerns for staff and students from Fiskville Primary ( which was in operation from 1933-92) and suggested that DET get involved in the inquiry and that they contact ex students and staff to offer support. ( I'll post my letter late next week) He promised to follow it up with the Legal unit and get back to me.

Four more weeks this term. I've decided to finish off the gothic horror unit over the next fortnight and start a gothic mystery unit for the last 2 weeks using The Moonstone and Woman in White- I have a bit of reading to do, it's been years since I read those books. I might just focus on one of them.There are also reports to write before the winter holidays. next term the grade 5s will start with a unit on The Hobbit. Early years students will start on fables and the grade 2-3 kids will be finishing up the fairy tales/folk tales unit.

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