Monday, 23 February 2015

Making a Quadrama

Shelley Gray on her blog Teaching in the Early Years and contributing to Blog Hoppin posted instructions for making 'quadramas'. I've made these before in science and maths ( In maths we made one years ago for the four operations) but I've never made them for literature. I've called them Quadscenes in the past and will probably continue to use that term. ( I saw them in a long forgotten book and I think that is what they were called.) I made a sample today for my next theme on classic science fiction.

Fold a square sheet of card ( I used paper this morning but it is a bit too flimsy)
Cut along one of the folds as far as the centre.
Fold over one segment where you cut and apply glue.
Fold it over
And stick it down. it is hard to explain what to do but when you play around with it you'll work it out.
Make four of them.
This is where I went wrong. I should have thought about what I was going to do in each of the four scenes I was created before putting it together.....anyway I did. then I glued all 4 together. use lots of glue and the corner of a table to help with the gluing.

Now decorate each scene.( Painting the backgrounds was hard when it was already put together.)
As mine is literature based I'm going to have one scene for the characters, one for the setting, one for the story conclusion and one for the plot. You choose.
Below are the scenes I created for A Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
Conclusion but it could have been the turning point in the story or the major conflict in the novel.
The settings.
looking forward to trying this in a few weeks.

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