Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Let's look back at those original broken promises

On pages 40 and 41 of the Real Solutions pamphlet the Coalition released prior to the last federal election ( not all that long ago) they made the following promises:

  • We will continue current levels of funding for schools, indexed to deal with real increases in costs and we will ensure that money is targeted based on the social and economic status of the community.

That unity ticket only lasted as long as it took to finalise the election results after which we were subjected to the greatest load of doublespeak resulting in the Coalition cutting funding for years 5 and 6 of the Gonski reforms, reneging on the signed deals with the states, and abandoning their co-funding and accountability obligations.

  • We will ensure the continuation of the current arrangements of university funding.

Obviously this was a non-core promise.

  • We will review and restructure government research funding to make sure each dollar is spent as effectively as possible.
Apparently, the most effective way research dollars can be spent is in stopping spending them so Treasurer Hockey’s bottom line looks healthier.
As we lurch into the unknown ( apparently the government's 'second wind' ) it is important for educators to remember these broken promises and hold the minister and prime minister who so wantonly made them in the pursuit of power to account.

What school lunches look like in different countries:
I like the Finnish and Spanish lunch. I could eat that every day!

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