Thursday, 19 February 2015

Wattle and daub huts

We have been learning about early colonial housing ( Bark huts and wattle and daub huts) so I thought we could use some of those techniques and air drying clay , balsa wood and sticks/ bark from outside to build some hut models of our own.

Our sun flowers are starting to bloom

This afternoon I visited the historic Bakery Hill Kindergarten at the suggestion of one of our parents who is a teacher there. This kindergarten was built in 1911.Bakery Hill Kindergarten's philosophy is based on the image of the child as “competent and capable.” The interests and experiences of the children inspire the program and the staff provide an environment in which children are supported as they enquire, invent and create. Bakery Hill Kindergarten is country Victoria’s first Kindergarten with a rich history and passionate community support.

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