Tuesday, 24 February 2015

New performance plan

There is no doubt that the previous government's performance and development structure was a none to subtle prototype for a teacher performance pay structure. The new government, in keeping with their election promises has scrapped that plan and a new structure will be in place for the 2015-16 school year. DET released limited details about proposed changes to schools today ( below) together with a letter from the Minister. Some points from the email are below.

·         In response to feedback from the teaching and principal class workforce over the last year, some changes have been made to the 2014/15 Performance and Development model for principal class employees and teachers, with changes taking effect immediately. 

·         The changes seek to ensure that the process is further focussed on feedback to support development, and that assessments are based on professional conversations and judgements.

·         The changes have been made with a view to balancing stakeholder feedback and the need to minimise disruption to the current cycle.

·         These changes replace the requirements outlined in the relevant sections of the Performance and Development Guidelines for principal class employees and teachers.

·         Principals and teachers will receive a letter from the Minister of Education explaining the reasons for the changes to the Performance and Development process in the current cycle.

·         Modifications to the current 2014/15 Performance and Development cycle:

o   The four-point differentiated outcomes scale has been removed.

o   In exercising this professional judgement, reviewers will apply a three-point outcomes scale (Does not meet/Partially Meets/Meets) to each of the four dimensions to evaluate the extent to which Performance and Development goals have been achieved and those in which further development and support is needed.

o   The final Performance and Development outcome for staff is now binary: teachers and principal class employees will receive a final outcome of ‘Met’ or ‘Not met’ based on the professional judgement of the reviewer.

o   Reviewers may choose to use an updated Performance and Development outcome tool to help inform their professional judgement about the end-cycle assessment.

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