Sunday, 8 February 2015


I'm As part of our literature unit based on Riding the Boundaries we are going to make a lorikeet picture based on an idea I found on the Zart Art website ( Join up if you haven't already) 
First I made a lorikeet template on stiff cardboard ( I didn't get the beak right but I've since fixed it up. )

used this to draw a lorikeet on white cover paper.
I cut strips of glossy colored infant squares ( I wouldn't cut them in straight lines next time but maybe scallop them to look more like feathers.
I cut back around the lorikeet.

I used brown paper to make a branch and then cut out a template of a gum leaf and used that to draw leaves on white tissue paper. I rubbed over the leaf with green wax crayon.( I made a pattern on the leaf with a skewer. I used sticker eyes ( available in a roll rather than use goggle yes)

I added it all onto green A4 paper and then mounted it on brown paper to be laminated.

We still haven't completed our bleeding tissue paper picture and will do that today and try this out later in the week. As always I'll seek their input into making it better or just different.

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