Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Hanson is bat-shit nuts!

Pauline Hanson came out today in Parliament and said disabled children, particularly autistic children should not be taught in mainstream school because teachers have to spend too much time with them! 
I don't think she realisse that there are autistic children that function at a much higher level than she does! ( watch her's painful!)
I should quote Phillip Adams here: "Pauline Hanson is a fart from the deep colon of the Australian psyche."
Tony Martin : What about moving all the really stupid senators to a different building.
Michael Carlton: What would she fucking know ? My son's had four caring, diligent, inspiring teachers at his state primary school. So grateful for them.
Autism Awareness Australia condemns the appalling, archaic & cruel words of Hanson today.
Bill Shorten: Heartbreaking and upsetting for parents of children with autism to hear Pauline Hanson say their kids don't deserve the same opportunity.
J. Fearnly: Pauline Hanson "we need to get rid of kids with autism from mainstream classrooms". No, we need to get rid of you from mainstream politics.
They couldn't even manage a mild rebuke: Tweeted by Senator Wong: Refusal by @Birmo to repudiate Hanson & stand up for students living w disability shameful & pathetic. Australians deserve better .
Once again Woolworths have sent this promotional shit to my school and once again I've dumped it off at one of their stores in Ballarat!

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