Saturday, 3 June 2017


Cleaning completed yesterday. Given the controversy about school cleaners not being paid properly and DET wanting to know....again, about our cleaning arrangements I thought I should post a picture. 
I have cleaned here solely for 10 years and with some ( usually limited input from parents ) for 13 years before that. Our cleaning grant is used to pay for camps and excursions. It will pay for 4 major excursions this year and our swimming and gym program. 
I clean after school when required, vacuum and sanitise every afternoon, do a major toilet clean every Saturday morning and spring clean every holiday. ( carpet cleaning during the next holiday) 
We have had s lovely 3 days for our first weekend of winter. I went for a walk in the park today. I noticed they were preparing for the unveiling of Tony Abbott's bust in the gardens. It better have big ears like the Billy McMahon one!
Had a lovely walk despite the lurking presence of Abbott!

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