Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Preparing for term 3

I put up my pin board display for The Wind in the Willows which we should start a few weeks into next term. I'll create the library display during the holidays.
I also completed a sample popularity pop up graph for Five Children and It. 
Amy got into trouble because of some limes in Little Women so we thought we'd try some limes. We found them sour but with s different taste than lemons. Some liked it.
Lovely morning this morning but now overcast. It will be interesting today to see how Gonski goes. They didn't vote on it last night but the numbskull cross benches have agreed to it. Thankfully they were able to get another $5 billion inserted earlier ( not $22 billion though) and some sort of lame body to monitor state government spending on state education. ( which would only effect Liberal state governments anyway. They are they only ones who slush state education!) 
I'm sure Turnbull will huff and puff about Hanson today too AFTER SHE VOTES FOR GONSKI.
Great to hear some impassioned responses on radio and Twitter today!
My grade 3 student with some peer tutoring completed her first PieerPoint today on Komodo dragons.
An excellent response to Hanson 
Hanson probably got it from these two idiots!
More lime sucking!!!
Gonski vote has sadly passed but Bill Shorten states today in Parliament the ALP will overturn cuts to penalty rates and cuts to education once it is in government. Good! Teachers and the AEU will keep you to that!

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