Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Visit today

We had a visit today from Peter Devereux our Ballarat based Executive Director of the Central Highlands Region. It was Peter's first visit and only the third from someone in Peter's role in 20 years. 
Peter was very impressed with our resources and the work we are doing here. He praised the role of small rural schools (He has a rural school background himself) and was very supportive of the work we are doing here. It is always great to hear praise like that from 'higher up the food chain'.
One of my students took a sneaky photo while he was here.( Not my best angle! Thanks Amity!)

Our finished gargoyles
Note the error!
Packs to deliver to estate agents and 100 brochures to drop off this afternoon. Also packs for kindergartens to be mailed this afternoon!

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