Friday, 16 June 2017

Paper Bag Princess on TPT

My Paper Bag Princess unit is now on TPT for a mere $2.00
Go to :

and here is the Leviathan unit by Scott Westerfield.
I originally put this up on TPT last year but someone complained that Id plagiarised someone else's work. They found the unit on Scott Westerfield's official website! Shock horror! So I got a lecture from TPT and the unit was airbrushed out of history......The problem was, nobody bothered to notice that the unit on Scott's site... WAS MINE! da da!
Anyway, I forgot Scott had put in on his site, (There's an endorsement for you!) This is an updated unit from that one and has my original illustrations instead of the book's illustrations....anyway. I stumbled on it today and decided to put it back on....FOR FREE! So download and enjoy. (I used the unit last year and the kids liked it.

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