Thursday, 29 June 2017

Lucy's last day

Lucy finished up teaching Italian with us today. She starts her placement at Wangaratta for term 3 which is her home town. We gave her a gift of a new work bag full of supplies which she loved.
Italian work and a vocabulary game to finish off her session.

The Ballarat Winter Festival starts in a few days and the council has everything set up on Sturt St. they are bringing in some penguins and they're setting a special enclosure for them at the Wildlife Park.

I've started working on s Wind in the Willows unit and today I made a sample pop up picture of Toad Hall
George Pell has been charged by the Victorian Police with sex offences ( not just covering them up) and is returning to Australia apparently to defend himself. A lot of people in Ballarat will be happy to hear about this development. 
HOORAY 112000 views!
Sausage rolls and Party pies for lunch ( last day of term )

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