Monday, 5 June 2017

PD on Chromebooks

I've put my notes up today's PD and I'll put up some pictures from the Mechanics Institute in Ballarat where it was run.

Centre Com

Google for Education

Greg Bowen


Natalie Hannah

Certified educator course available via the education pack provided. (Natalie Hanna from Google showed us some videos promoting Google )

Googles mission to organise information to help people.

Why choose google for education? Easy, affordable, veritable, impactful

:It provides a suite of education support materials.

Chromebooks for 2017 include a stills, world facing cameras and better apps.

Canberra public schools use Chromebooks. Collaboration is having a real impact.( McKinnon SC is a chrome book school with 2000 chromebooks in use)

Collaboration in real time and accessibility on the go makes it very flexible.

Chromebooks field trips using the Google 'cardboard' can enable children to visit using Google expeditions.( This could be great bonus for us at Glen Park) 

Greg ( Principal experience) and Jacob

Jacob talked about getting the most out of devices in the classroom. Chrome is cheap. We were shown Google Classroom which enables Flipped classrooms. Jacob showed us a range of tasks that can be performed on Chromebooks .Jacob showed us Edison boxes.

I think we will continue to work with our iPads for the moment but keep it in mind as an option in the future. I was more impressed with the touch screen TV. 



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