Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Gonski lite gets through

Compliant Liberal Party Stooges on the cross bench and the Greens . ( The Human Headline Hinch seems proud to support a plan that will deny Victorian public schools $630 million in the next 2 years will Apparently pass Gonski lite tonight. The true ramifications of this will be seen in the months and years to come. The main stream media will move on from Education now until the next scandal and schools and state education systems will just have to pick up the pieces and deal with it. We won't be worse off here but we Gould have been a lot better off! I wonder what slimy deals were done with the Catholics behind closed doors? Liberals can't claim cuts to Labor's schools plan in 2014 budget as a saving if they don't think the dollars  existed in the first place. Apparently they can?


I completed my mid-cycle review today with my SEIL and some other principals. I think it went well.
Ballarat Winter Festival starts on July 1st.
I'm starting to read Five Children and It and the Railway Children today. My What Katie Did and Little Women unit will be posted on TPT on the weekend 
At the same time this idiot government wants to impose a university standard English test on migrants wanting to become citizens!
From Tanya Plibesek today 23/06/17
2:08AM: Liberals ram school cuts through Parliament, sending public schools backwards while elite private schools get big increases

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