Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Yellow Tomatoes......YUM!

I picked some of our little yellow cherry tomatoes for our veggie garden today and had them with my salad for lunch. 
We finished Michael Pankridge's The Vanishings the other day and I'm reading them Out of the Blue at the moment. Pankridge's is a local author ( Geelong) and a teacher. His books are great and have proved very popular. 

On the weekend I intend to start planning a unit on Edgar Allan Poe for term 2. This term is slipping by so quickly. ( 3 and a bit weeks!) I won't have my classic science fiction unit finished this term as planned. I had a Resources Committee meeting at Ballarat High School this afternoon. We inspected the school gymnasium and discussed how and where to spend our maintenance funding. ( Below is a photo of the small basketball court which has already been recently updated)

Education stories in this week's Age
school size: Three primary school principals, with seven, 300 and 1300 students, explain how such schools work for them and their students. ( The one with 7, like us is just down the road from us)


Maths Challenge Success
Australian students are consistently world beaters in a global challenge to build mini-F1 cars...which says something about the quality of science and maths teaching here.


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