Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Grand Old Duke of York

Not the current one but the one ( probably just as disreputable) in the nursery rhyme has been the focus for our grade ones in literature. Today they made his face.
We used a paper plate. As you can see from the step by step images below it wasn't hard and they really enjoyed it. next week we'll add speech bubbles to them.

1. Cutting out the face and adding color to it. We cut out the mouth either making him sad or loud. The teeth are cut out from the plate and taped to the back.

2 They added eyebrows and a moustache from paper plate off cuts and large goggle eyes.

3. they used a wax crayon to give him angry red cheeks and shiny infant square paper with deep fringes cut into it for hair.

4. They drew a star ( 2 triangles ) on the back of a piece of shiny infant square.

5. The star was added to the hat and it was mounted on bright cardboard.

6. these are some finished ones. ( One of them looks like a Viking!)

Below is an image of our completed journals and completed Jules Verne portraits.

We have our Labour Day long weekend this weekend. They have started making preparations around the lake for the Ballarat Begonia Festival. Photos taken yesterday.

Lovely sunrise the other morning.
Photos taken on the way to work.

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