Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Walking With the Dinosaurs

Our BIG term 1 excursion today was to Melbourne to Hisense Arena to see Walking With Dinosaurs.
It was great. The kids loved it. The dinosaurs look very authentic. One of our dad's came along to help.




Triceratops squaring off.

T- Rex and anklysaurus.

End of term 1 tomorrow.

Getting serious about Kinda
Early Education Ministers from key states have come together, calling on Tony Abbott to commit to funding 15 hours of kindergarten per week in the vital year before school. The Productivity Commission found that 15 hours of kindergarten is essential to boosting preschool participation, supporting children’s development and improving school readiness.

New Performance and Development schedule announced

The Department has changed the approach to Performance and Development for principal class employees and teachers in consultation with key stakeholders.

·         A changed, whole-of-practice approach to Performance and Development will be implemented in the 2015/16 cycle 

·         The whole-of-practice approach emphasises the development of teacher and principal class employee work through Performance and Development planning, goal-setting, conversations and feedback.

·         Consistent with the current guidelines teachers’ and principal class employees’ individual Performance and Development plans will be aligned with their school’s strategic plan and annual implementation plan, to ensure all school staff are working together to achieve their school’s priorities and overarching goals.

·         The whole-of-practice approach places strong emphasis on the collective responsibility amongst all school staff for the learning gain of all students, and professional learning that will have the greatest positive impact on student outcomes. 

·         Changes include the removal of the mathematical components of the current model, including percentage weightings and the use of the online assessment calculator to assess performance through the balanced scorecard. Instead, individual staff and their reviewers may agree through a professional discussion to place emphasis on particular domains of that individual’s Performance and Development plan.

·         The modification is designed to further elevate the role of professional conversations, written feedback and professional judgement in the Performance and Development process aimed at promoting professional growth.

·         Teachers will set four goals, one in each of the Domains of Teaching and a student outcomes goal, taking into account the Domains of Teaching. 

·         Principal class employees will also set four goals, one in each of the Domains of Principal Practice and a school and student outcomes goal, taking into account the Domains of Principal Practice. 

·         Consistent with the revision to the current guidelines reviewers will be required to assess each goal as either met, partially met or does not meet.  The overall assessment will be either meets or does not meet, accompanied by written feedback.

·         Additionally, the default Performance and Development planning cycle will change to the calendar year, while the progression cycle will continue to operate from May to April as required by the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2013.

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