Friday, 20 March 2015

Camels!.....I kid you not!

I drove up to work early this morning and went a slightly different way. I was happily gazing around ( always on the look out for kangaroos at that time of the morning) and what should I least 2 camels on a property about 500 m from work! I stopped and fumbled around for my phone and wound down the window and took a fuzzy photo of 2 of them. One standing up and the other looked like it was eating. They eventually moved away out of sight but they were camels alright!
The grounds are looking great thanks to Wayne from Ballarat Lawns and Gardens. I finished some information booklets for some PSTs who are starting on Monday, finished the community school report, did some cleaning, preparation for Easter and bought some ingredients for some cooking on Monday.Just one more week left of this term!

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