Monday, 9 March 2015

Network Curriculum Day

Curriculum Day
Moorabool Network
Bungaree Football Club

Session One
Sharon Frost Manager AusVels Unit ( VCAA)  phone 90321680
Understanding and working with the F- 10 Curriculum

We initially discussed what makes good practice.
Finding the starting point/entry behaviour- quiz
Sharon showed us the F-10 curriculum planning and reporting guidelines- a must read
Curriculum is:
The purpose for learning
Defines what students need to learn
Describes common knowledge, skills required for lifelong learning
Outlines a progression of learning
The curriculum is the what, we determine the how.
Teachers design the learning program for children in our school.
Schools are judged on curriculum outcomes
Sharon stressed there was no such thing as a crowded curriculum but the curriculum at 650 pages only looks overwhelming. If content is important it is in the curriculum but does not necessarily require equal time. We are guilty of over teaching. Sharon suggested we read the rationale and aims of the curriculum and we need to look at the big picture of why we teach subjects.
The second iteration of AusVels will be introduced from 2015-17.( digital technologies and a break up of the arts learning area  will be new and new general capabilities such as - ethical and intercultural understandings will feature.)

Transition to the second iteration
Curriculum planning and provision considering stages of schooling
Documenting and publishing a whole school plan.
a lot of flexibility in how we implement the new curriculum. In depth and quality teaching better than skating over it. Documentation required.
Planning needs to be undertaken from different perspectives
Whole school plan required- domain level planning required and it has to be seen in year level.
How will you become deeply familiar with the curriculum?
Audit existing curriculum
Consider resourcing and timing implications
Develop units and lessons. Agreement required about how to develop a common unit of work.(Work with the curriculum. e.g desired outcomes need to be part of the unit plan and sequencing what is taught and a section for reflection)

Session Two
Big Write for Beginners by Ros Wilson
Session run by Vanessa Harrison Principal Coimadai PS

Notes provided by Vanessa
There is a strong emphasis on kids talking a lot in this program. 
The 'write voice' is very important. 
If they can't say it they can't write it. Vanessa showed us their 'building vocabulary' games.
This program doesn't replace what you do but enhances it.
( Resources displayed by Vanessa from Andrell Education)
VCOP- vocabulary, connectives, openers, punctuation
Vanessa showed us how to use connectives and starting sentences (openers) with connectives, nouns, verbs, feelings, similes and metaphors.
Vanessa suggests keeping your writing program as it is from Monday- Wednesday. On Wednesday encourage talk time at home through talking homework. On the Thursday have VCOP game time on PCs ( can be purchased) and plan your writing. (Talk about homework) after a break children sit down and start writing. On the Friday self assess and assess a friends. Vanessa showed us how to moderate texts using highlighters in the VCOP colors.
Vanessa showed us writing ideas and assessment ideas. she also talked about time tabling and the practicalities of using the program in her school.
Some problems are lack of paragraphs and activities related to tense.Vanessa answered questions to conclude.
This was a good session and well worth trying in a modified form at school.I returned to Glen Park and put together a package of information using material provided by Vanessa to share with the grade 3-5 children this week. I will start incorporating the 'Big Write' approach into our daily learning and even start tentatively with the grade 1s next term.

I wasn't able to participate in the afternoon ( writing moderation) session as I had my end of cycle review at Regional Office in the afternoon which seemed to go well.

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