Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Author portrait

We are starting our learning on Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea today. We are starting with our Jules Verne portraits and story maps we'll keep those up to date while we're reading the book. Right at the moment the Naultilus is cruising through the Torres Strait after a little altercation with some cannibals. 
Finished Jules Verne portrait below.

School Voluntourism

Schools that take students on volunteering trips to Asian orphanages are causing psychological damage to children in care, an academic has warned.

Karleen Gribble, an adjunct research fellow at the University of Western Sydney, said private schools should stop taking senior students to orphanages where they "gain perspective on privilege".

Dr Gribble said interacting with a constant stream of caregivers was psychologically damaging for children in orphanages.

"Having someone come in and play with the kids and then leave is just adding another person to the list of people who have and come gone in their lives."

From a recent story in the Age:

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