Tuesday, 24 March 2015


OMy grade 2 and 3 student were finishing off their Minton aeroplane models today.

Minton pop-up stories.

We also started painting our Easter gardens.
I went to a very interesting PD today. My notes are below.

Understanding Aboriginal Culture in your local area
Nikki Foy

We discussed acknowledgement of country and talked about local support agencies and introduced ourselves.
Nikki talked about connections to land and community.
Nikki talked about orgaisations that can support us in schools such as VAEAI and RKECs.( provides PD support)
Nikki also talked about BADAC ( Ballarat and District Aboriginal co-operative)she also talked about the koorie hub on Main Road which includes Aboriginal housing, legal service, koorie education, youth groups, child protection and tutoring- VACSAL.
The work of Wadawurrung organisation was discussed and is mainly cultural heritage. ( 25 000 years of history and over 140 archaeological sites.)

Local connections
Nikki showed us some videos of local areas and their significance to local koories.She also showed us a timeline of local koorie culture.
Nikki and Marjorie talked about important dates (26th May National Sorry Day) 6-13th July NAIDOC Week.('We Stand on sacred ground' is the national theme for NAIDOC week.)
We had a very enlightening Q&A and Nikki will be organising some more PDs during the year.


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