Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Today the kids made up newspaper front pages for our study of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. On their newspaper page they needed to create their own masthead, headline, story about the 'strange sea monster', an advertisement Captain Nemo puts in the paper for extra crew for the Nautilus, an advertisement for a business such as a restaurant and a story about Professor Arronax, his assistant and Ned Land going missing. They did a great job with their newspapers which I enlarged to A3 and put on display.
I also printed off a page from a comic version of the story and I used 'white out' to remove text from speech bubbles and asked the children to write in their own text. (They found it challenging to write enough information in a small space) I try to buy 'Classics Illustrated' comic versions of the books I read when I find them (I wish I had kept the ones I had as a kid) Graphic novel versions of famous books are easy to access and are a great support for reluctant readers and visual learners.

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