Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Using iMovie

Two of my grade 5 girls used iMovie on their iPads to make a trailer for an adventure movie on iMovie. My grade 6 boy also made one this week and transferred it onto a DVD today. The girls spent several hours completing this work and with the great weather we are having they created a 'lost world' in our sandpit.(This is one of the great benefits of a small school. The children can have plenty of time and access to space and resources to explore and experiment and use their imaginations.They never fail to surprise me with their inventiveness and humour.)
My Prep student is currently studying John Biningham stories. We started today with Cannonball Simp. (Refer to the photo below of the work she completed today.) and tomorrow we'll read Avocado Baby.
My grade 3s finished their Wizard of Oz balloons which I have put on display. They look terrific. They are very pleased with their efforts ( my grade 5 and 6 girl wanted to make one too) and they're keen to take them home when I change the display.

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