Saturday, 9 November 2013

Storybook Saturday - 9th Nov

There is a Storybook Linkup on Paula's Place here is my book for this week

‘Smashing Ideas’ this year presented the first originalcontent from its ePublishing series for the iPad. The War of the Worlds for iPad, based on the original book by H.G.Wells. We have been reading as serials these classic tales by Verne and Wellsand I have downloaded this stunning, modern rendering of the novel (that hasbeen in continuous publication since 1898) for my students to read and explore.In the app you can follow the Narrator through this classic tale of Man vs.Martian in Wells’ novel that explores extraterrestrial themes, weaponry, spacetravel and human evolution.

With real-time physics modeling, original illustrationsand audio The War of the Worlds foriPad creates an engaging experience that has the reader propelled into the steampunkish world of early 20th CenturyLondon under siege. There is a lot to explore and interact with this app.Alsocheck out other classic science fiction apps such as The Invisible Man and some excellent versions of Jules Verne’s greatscience fiction tales.

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