Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Giant moth

Another busy day at work today. There is often a little surprise for me when I get to school ( such as a dead possum, ) Today I found a huge moth ( the biggest I've ever seen outside the Melbourne Museum) on the path. It had a wing span of 14 cm. We put it in a 'bug catcher' as it would have been easy pickings for one of the many magpies about the place.
One of my students designed her own Science Fiction magazine cover. She drew a fantastic picture of a tripod from War of the Worlds, scanned it into Word and then added the title of the magazine and the titles of articles that could be inside. ( Images below)
We had a glorious day of 30 degrees Celsius yesterday but today it was down to 12 and very chilly. Two of my children rolled themselves up in travel rugs on the oval ( No comment?) and the others decided to build a cubby. I have also attached a photo of a wall display that my student teacher created for Jack in the Beanstalk.

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