Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Happy Families

My grade one boy is currently reading the Allan Ahlberg 'Happy Family' books. He has just finished reading Master Bun the Bakers Boy so we decided to cook some muffins. (see the image below) He shared the banana muffins he made with the class for morning tea.
My early years students are studying John Burningham books at the moment. My favourite is Avocado Baby. This week we'll be working on Cannonball Simp, Humbert and Stay out of the Water Shirley. I love Burningham's off beat humour and so do the kids.
Tomorrow we will be finishing off our work on Under the Mountain. To see if the children can empathise with the evil Willberforces we will be using the 'Bubble Up' app to complete a task I first heard about at the iPad PD I attended last week. ( Refer the example I completed below)
This evening I attended the November meeting of the Ballarat High School, school council. I have been on school council for 6 years ( for as long as my son has been at school there) and I'll have a few years to go until my daughter finishes up there. It is an honour to be on school council and I feel it is important to be actively involved in my children's secondary school education ( as I was with their pre-school and child care. I was eight years chairperson of Girrabanya Childcare and preschool centre.) Ballarat High School has along and distinguished history and is the preeminent state secondary school in the Ballarat area and as good as any of the local private secondary schools. my children have received an excellent education through the state school system which I passionately support.( below is a photo of the historic main building of Ballarat High School and the boats shed where I. Attended a resources committee meeting recently.)

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