Friday, 4 March 2016

Insect haven

It can't be a coincidence that we had a large praying mantis on our school building this morning. We have had quite a few large stick insects over the last few years. They must love our building.

I would have liked to have caught him for a science unit on Insects. ( I was hoping to do it this term, but it will have to be early next term now and that is too long to keep it in captivity)
It was another busy Saturday morning, preparing for next week and completing the annual report....the template finally appeared. I also started on my PMP evidence folder ( appears I'm the only principal I know who shares his/her PMP with School Council?) I also got information about our school sports last night so I'll have a look at that over the weekend and start practicing next week. ( Our PSTs will be great value with that too) I'll need a load of sand for long and triple jump. ( I'll need a hand with the latter because I've never done that) 

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