Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Rooster and the Gem

Below are images of our sketches of Musketeers and ink and pen letters, also our Musketeer paper dolls.

We are nearly finished our Fables unit. today we worked on The Rooster and the Gem.
Another lovely morning this morning.

I handed our pamphlets around Hillview Rd. after work- very hot and a bit silly! I took a photo of a dam/pond they have there. They have something similar at the Coorabin Estate. I worry a bit about these man made un-fenced and probably very deep bodies of water. Who is responsible for them? 

Last night I attended a Resources Committee meeting at Ballarat High School and that was my last association with the High School School Council now that my daughter has started Uni. I was on School Council there for 8 years and before that 8 years at Girrabanya Child-Care / Kindergarten, most of that time as Chairperson and also on Ballarat City Special Committee for Childcare for several years including one year as Chairperson ( My wife was on Mount Clear's School Council when the kids were at Primary School for 9 years) I think I've certainly done my bit as a volunteer supporter of state education.

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