Monday, 14 March 2016


Today those studying The Count of Monte Cristo listened to a detailed description of his cell while I read the book and were asked to make a sketch of what they heard. ( I re-read it a few times) they did a great job. Their 'Visualising' is below

The grade 2 kids did some work on Curious George today and it's back to finishing The Magic Fish tomorrow.
I finished the abridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo today so tomorrow they have the treasure map and trapped in prison story to start.We will start reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame tomorrow  and we will make a start at sculpting some gargoyles!
I took the grade 2 s out today and introduced them to the shot put and to my astonishment they're naturals. A load of sand arrived ( I've got shovelling to do tomorrow) so we will be able to start practicing long jump.
Below: A little literature joke. ( love to find an abridged version of that book for a science fiction unit.)
Fahrenheit 451

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