Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Students bringing guns to US schools

On March 16, an 11-year-old child in Queens, New York, found a loaded .380-caliber handgun under his grandfather’s bed and brought it to his elementary school. The following day, another Queens boy was arrested after brandishing a loaded .38-caliber revolver in a high school stairwell. The next week in neighboring Brooklyn, a middle school student was arrested after administrators found an unloaded 9mm handgun and two magazines in his backpack. 

The three incidents were among the latest examples of a trend steadilyplaying out across the country: With three quarters of the academic year complete — from late August, when many districts started classes, to March 15, when many concluded the third report card period — there were at least 185 incidents in which elementary, middle, and high school students were caught with guns on school grounds. That figure, culled from news databases, is an update to The Trace’s reporting in January, which found 135 such incidents in the first five months of the school year.

From Moms Demand Action

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