Monday, 21 March 2016

Safe Schools

To Kate Ellis via the Safe Schools Twitter page

James Merlino speaking at Safe Schools rally in Melbourne tonight.Victorian Education Minister James Merlino says it would cost the government up to $300,000 to retain the Safe Schools program in Victoria, after refusing to enforce controversial changes to the anti-bullying program announced by federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham.

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I am a teacher who supports Safe Schools Coalition. All young people need to feel included, safe, and equal at school to achieve their best.

As teachers we know that when a student feels isolated or excluded, they can’t do their best at school, and their wellbeing as a whole can suffer.

For too long we’ve seen a desperate need for a well researched, informative and comprehensive program to help make schools inclusive spaces for students of all identities.

Thanks to All Of Us and other great Safe Schools resources, teachers of any level of familiarity with what it means to be LGBTI are able to speak confidently, clearly, and objectively on these topics.

Safe Schools gives us an evidence based framework to teach inclusion and empathy is a reliable, well researched, and age appropriate way. As educators we know what our students are ready to handle and know how to appropriately deliver these topics. 

Thank you for helping make sure every child gets a fair chance thanks to this great program. I hope you keep supporting and expanding the Safe Schools program so that every young person can belong, in every school across Australia.

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