Wednesday, 16 March 2016

It's just his side....

The prime minister,has reiterated his call for measured language to be used during the debate on Safe Schools, before the government releases its response to the review of the anti-bullying program.

During question time in Canberra, the prime minister urged caution in how his colleagues discussed the initiative, which aims to stamp out homophobia and transphobia in young students.

“All members expressing views on this program should choose their words carefully and remember the impact their statements can have on young people and their families,” Turnbull said.

This is an issue on his side of the house. The 31 MPs who signed the petition against this worthy program and from the Coalition. He needs to control HIS right-wing rump. ( A third of his party is probably bigger than a rump.)

Homophobes like George Christensen from the Coalition have been distributing the petition against Safe Schools.

When asked by reporters about his personal views of homosexuality, Christensen said: “Obviously it’s a choice,” he told reporters. “Or they can be born that way. They can choose it.”

When pushed on what he meant, he replied: “If the person is born gay, then they’re gay. If someone makes the choice that they’re going to have homosexual sex, that’s up to them. It’s a free world.

“There’s no difference in the act. If you’ve chosen it or if you’re born with it. The act is the act.”

The $8m program was initiated by Labor, but implemented under the prime ministership of Tony Abbott, who on Thursday signed the petition calling for its funding to be scrapped.Labor has fully backed it.

And according to the Opposition Leader: 

"I think it's weird that some people in the Liberal Party are so obsessed with other people's sexuality," Mr Shorten says.

The last thing students grappling with their sexuality need is "knuckle dragging right wing senators" making their lives more difficult.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten in Canberra on Thursday.
"It is now beyond a joke that Mr Turnbull is fanning the fires of the lunar right of his party," Mr Shorten says of the Safe Schools program."At the end of the day this is a voluntary program schools can opt into....[Mr Turnbull's] mistake was in not slapping this down earlier.....Kids who are grappling with their sexuality in their teenage years should be supported!

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