Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sports shed clean up

Below are photos of the grade 6 Rudyard Kipling profiles and art work the kids are doing on Captains Courageous.

My student teachers have been putting up with a messy sports shed for weeks now ( they even volunteered to help me clean it on the weekend) well I couldn't have that so I used their time at school and the hour of lunch time to  clean it up. Below is the after photo and I also spent some time putting together a 'state of the art' hoop organiser I bought years ago and forgot to put together.

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Below are some links to some interesting reading:

Interesting story from Julia Gillard in the Daily Telegraph in the UK

The truth about Uni fees from an article in the Canberra Times

Gonski slams the government's funding cuts.

And also on the ABC news site:

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