Monday, 26 May 2014

Unwanted Visitor

I had a surprise visitor this morning. We had a cow on the oval. Apparently it burst through the fence at the back of the school during the weekend. Those cows really need more feed.( below) She was herded out and the fence repaired before the kids arrived.
We have been completing Captains Courageous art responses today. ( photos tomorrow)
One of my grade 4 students is reading the Blake Treasure Trackers books and she just finished reading a book about Easter Island. She completed making her Moai statue and did an excellent job.    ( not sure about painting it silver? )

Leanne, one of our visiting teachers for the deaf popped in today to work with one of my students. It is great to have the support of Leanne and Jo ( visiting teacher for the blind) at Glen Park although funding is tight and regional office is a shadow of its former self.

My daughter got her ' My Little Tony' hoodie that she ordered online. It is funny and weird and self- explanatory.

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