Monday, 5 May 2014

Newspaper Stories

I've been greeted over the last few weeks by the cows from next door (refer photo) I think they think I have food for them.

The grade 6 kids today wrote newspaper stories about Moby Dick. They all chose to write about Ahab's decision not to help Captain Gardiner of the Rachel to search for his missing whaleboat and his missing son. ( Refer photo below)

We've finally got to the episode where the Pequod sights Moby Dick for the first time. Tomorrow we'll write more detailed profiles of Captain Ahab. I think we have a clear idea of his history and motivations now.
I finished making the book box scene from Moby Dick. I showed some of the kids who seem keen.We are finishing our 'leaping orca' pictures at the moment ( something I saw on Pinterest. I'll post a photo tomorrow) I finished drawing a picture of a 19th century whaler today and we'll use that to complete a labelling activity for it. 

I went for a drive after work and noticed that they've cut down and piled up to burn a paddock of cypress trees up Long Hill Road. it will be quite a blaze when they set that alight. I also drove up Kingston's beautiful 'Avenue of Honour' today. ( Photos of both below)

I had an email last night from a primary school teacher from interstate saying that they've lost their copy of 'Learning With Literature', my first book published by User Friendly Resources. Sadly User Friendly still have the copyright to the work I created for that book ( I said sadly, not because they weren't good people to work with but because it doesn't sell well. I'm sure it would if it was on TPT. I think I got $4.00 for my last royalty cheque) Anyway I should get fifty cents or so if they decide to buy another copy. Yipppee!

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