Saturday, 17 May 2014

School Council

We had our AGM for School Council after school last night.( we had it sort of over the last 2 was supposed to be at our last meeting but we didn't have a quorum so I tabled our Annual Report in March and determined Council positions last night.) 
We approved our new uniform policy and I'll table an updated Engagement Policy at our June meeting. I have tabled my 2013-14 Principal review for anyone interested in reading it. I will work on the new one after my Senior Principal Consultant gets back to me with a time that we can meet.

I was up at work today to prepare for next week. We are revising maths units we've completed over the last month on length, area, perimeter, mass and capacity. We will also finish work on Captains Courageous this week with several art activities. I'll post my Moby Dick unit on TPT tomorrow. This morning I created a display for Robin Hood.( below)

Some of the children have been building a cubby and it looks like it is nearly finished.

Check out this interesting story from 'Crickey' about the Abbott cabinet's education backgrounds.

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