Monday, 12 May 2014

Misty Morning

It was a misty morning at school today ( refer photos) and it fined up into a warm Autumn day.

We were inundated with cobwebs today. They were all over the school including our fence which was covered in them. I don't know if you can see it on the photo below but the fence was full and there were webs drifting across the school all day. ( Good timing as I've just started reading Charlotte's Web)

We had an asbestos audit today, the first one in over 10 years. I've known about asbestos in the eaves of our old classroom so the very efficient young auditor took some samples to analyse but really only had to confirm the original 1990s report. 
She put a sticker up ( see photo below) on our front door which warns people about asbestos in our school. It is very annoying because the asbestos is quite safe, we have known about it for ages, and we can inform tradesmen about asbestos as we have in the past. All it does is make visitors uneasy when entering the school. All state schools will be audited and have to display these stickers.The audit is essential considering the poor state of some schools ( such as Timboon P-12) but the sticker is poorly worded and if required to be displayed, should be displayed on all schools.

Grade 6 students finished their story maps for Moby Dick and will finish tasks for Moby Dick tomorrow.
We have started reading Captains Courageous and we will start work on that this week. 
I am working on a unit for Robin Hood so I'll have a few units to put up on TPT over the next few weeks.

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