Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mini Books

The grade 6 kids finished their mini-readers today. ( They record a sentence or two with illustrations after we read our serial every day. It helps them to keep track of the characters and their comings and goings especially in complex books like Moby Dick) Refer photo below.
We read an African fable called 'How the Hippo Lost It's Hair' and we're making 'stretchy hippos' with real merino wool hair. My grade 2 girl is finishing up her work on The Little Red Hen tomorrow and we'll start on Stone Soup on Monday. The Preps have been working hard on their writing this week. I think they've nearly got the idea that they need spaces between words and full stops at the end of their sentences. We still have loads to do but we made real progress this week. Tomorrow we'll finish off our work on the letter 'd' by making dinosaurs.

On a pleasant sunny Autumn day there's nothing better than cubby building. The frame of one was built today. It's Mothers Day on Sunday. We usually give them the opportunity to make something for their mums. Some are making photo frames, bookmarks  and other will make cards. ( Show some photos tomorrow)

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