Thursday, 22 May 2014

Danny Dunn

We are currently reading one of the Danny Dunn books as a serial ( Danny Dunn on a Desert Island) Danny who? I hear you say. Danny Dunn was a popular American book character from the 50s- 70s. I remember reading one of the 15 books when I was at school.
 Danny was an adventurous nerd. His friends were 2 professors ( Professor Branestawm springs to mind) and the books always had a maths/ science theme. The author was Jay Williams who collaborated with Raymond Abrashkin before he died in 1960.
The books are quite slim and can be read as a serial over a week or so. They feature a lot of technology which seems quite quaint nowadays. ( The last book in the series was written in 1977) I will put together a few ideas for a small unit to pop up on TPT over the weekend. 
Below is a photo of one of the art ideas that the kids have been doing on Captains Courageous. ( more tomorrow)

We mowed the grounds today and the school looks great. The kids played today in the sandpit and created their own tabloid sports curcuit. 

The AEUs perspective on Abbott and Pyne's $30 billion of education cuts:

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