Friday, 2 May 2014

Moby Dick Look-In Book

I don't know what to call his art activity so I called it a 'look-in book'. It comes from an idea I found on Pinterest ( I'll try to find the link to the original because the artist did a much better job than me) 
First I bought some paper mâché book boxes from Zart Art. I then painted the outside of the box a rich red ( like the old leather bound books) and I used a gold paint pen to color in the edges of the pages like expensive old books had.

Then I designed and measured up some concertina waves and clouds and painted them both sides with water colour and cut them out and folded them.

I drew a portrait of Herman Melville and a picture of Ahab and cut out a random page of text from a photocopy from the original book and cut and pasted them into ornate frames I had already ruled up to match the size of my book box. I also drew and cut out Moby Dick and the Pequod. ( The original artist made the Pequod from cork and added rigging using dental floss. I though that might be too intricate. her box was a lot bigger than ours) I also designed a front cover in the same frame. Each frame I painted using different coloured water colour paint.

I've left everything to dry at school. I'll put it together on Monday.

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